Henderson Primary School was founded in the very centre of Henderson in 1873. This makes us one of the oldest schools in New Zealand.

As a school we have a proud tradition and history, but our focus is on the future. Our goal as educators is to nuture our children so they develop the attitudes, values and skills which will prepare them for an interesting, challenging, diverse and exciting future. Henderson Primary School is a community of learners. We all gain great satisfaction from our successes, mastery of new skills, goals achieved and lessons learned from mistakes made.

People who visit Henderson Primary School frequently comment on the happy, friendly children who greet them. This is a wonderful quality which we cherish and seek to foster. We are a happy school to be in.

We have students from a diverse range of cultures. They are provided with the opportunity to play, work, learn and share with others from different backgrounds.

We are very proud to provide our students with a safe, happy and caring environment that prepares them for the challenges of their futures.